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Oracle Connector Documentation

User Persona: Paxata Admin - Data Source Admin

*Note: This document covers all configuration fields available during Connector setup. Some fields may have already been filled out by your Admin at an earlier step of configuration and may not be visible to you. For more information on Paxata’s Connector Framework, please see here.

Also: Your Admin may have named this Connector something else in the list of Data Sources.

Configuring Paxata

The ability to connect to Oracle is part of the Paxata JDBC Connector. This article will provide some additional details specific to setting up a connection to Oracle Database that, along with the main JDBC Documentation will enable you to configure the connection properly.

Example JDBC URI: 


Technical Specs

Driver Specs

  • Oracle Database driver version: 19.3 

  • Supported Oracle Database versions:, 18c, 19c

Driver Documentation

FAQ/Troubleshooting/Common Issues

Data Types Handling Troubleshooting

One rare item that has the potential to cause issues during export to an Oracle Database relates to a differing in how datatypes are handled between Paxata and Oracle Database. Paxata is designed to handle columns with mixed data types, where Oracle is not. Paxata determines a column data type based on the predominant data type present in the column. This becomes an issue when Paxata identifies the datatype in a column is boolean and exports the column as a boolean even though it still contains mixed datatypes. This should be addressed in Paxata before exporting to Oracle.