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Hide columns in a Project

There may be times when you want to simply hide, but not remove, columns in a Project

  • to create a personal view: you want to hide columns from the grid so they don’t clutter your view but you need to keep them in your data because they are used for calculating Project steps. Example: your work in a Project is primarily with numeric columns. In this case, create your personal view of the data that hides all column types other than numeric.

  • to publish an AnswerSet that includes only specific columns: you may want to publish a custom AnswerSet that only displays some columns from the data. First create a lens on the Step where you want to create the AnswerSet, then hide the columns you do not want to show in the AnswerSet. Save the lens and your selections are saved. When you publish from the lens, only the columns you selected to show are published in the AnswerSet.

Hiding a column does not affect any filters or Steps in the Project. As soon as you begin to make edits in the Project, you automatically exit personal view mode. This means columns you hide here for your personal view are still included and displayed in the live data—with the exception of using the Lens tool because when you publish from the lens, only the columns you selected to show are published in the AnswerSet.

Note: To remove a column from your data, instead of hiding it, use the Columns tool.

When you hide a column, the column’s name displays as grayed out in the panel to indicate it has been hidden. Notice the data on the grid dynamically updates to hide the column.

Additional options in the View Columns menu:

  • filter for "All Columns" and "All Types"— use these drop-down filters to view only the columns that you have either selected to show or hide, and to control which column types (String, Number, DateTime) are being displayed in the View Columns panel.

  • select a contiguous group of columns to hideclick the eye icon adjacent to the column you want to hide, then hold the Shiftkey and click the eye icon for the column that brackets the group you want to select.

  • search for a column in your dataclick the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right side of the panel and begin typing a column name.

  • bring a column into focus on the gridhold down the Shift key as you hover the mouse over a column name. That column then comes into view and is highlighted in the data grid.

Pro Tip: if you share a Project and also want to share your personal view of the data, use the lens tool to capture your view. The lens captures your personal view of the grid, and anyone else working in the Project can see your personal view by simply clicking on the lens in the Steps panel.