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Amazon DynamoDB Connector Documentation

User Persona: Paxata User - Paxata Admin - Data Source Admin - IT/DevOps

*Note: This document covers all configuration fields available during Connector setup. Some fields may have already been filled out by your Admin at an earlier step of configuration and may not be visible to you. For more information on Paxata’s Connector Framework, please see here.

Also: Your Admin may have named this Connector something else in the list of Data Sources.

Configuring Paxata

This connector allows you to connect to an Amazon DynamoDB for Library imports. The following fields are used to define the connection parameters.


  • Name: Name of the data source as it will appear to users in the UI.
  • Description: Description of the data source as it will appear to users in the UI.

Something to consider: You may connect Paxata to multiple DynamoDB accounts and having a descriptive name can be a big help to users in identifying the appropriate data source.

Web Proxy

If you connect to DynamoDB through a proxy server, these fields define the proxy details.

  • Web Proxy: 'None' if no proxy is required or 'Proxied' if the connection to DynamoDB should be made via a proxy server. If a web proxy server is required, the following fields are required to enable a proxied connection.
  • Proxy host: The host name or IP address of the web proxy server.
  • Proxy port: The port on the proxy server for Data Source.
  • Proxy userame: The username for the proxy server.
  • Proxy password: The password for the proxy server.
    *Leave username & password blank for an unauthenticated proxy connection.

AWS Configuration

  • AWS Region: Select the region to be used when sending requests to the DynamoDB API.
  • AWS Authentication Type: These options specify how to authenticate with AWS.
    • AWS Credentials: Requires each user to enter the Access Key ID and Secret Key associated with the user’s AWS Access Key. This is the default setting. See AWS Security Credentials for more details.
    • Instance Profile (IAM Role): Enables all users in this tenant to access AWS without needing to individually authenticate.
      This authentication method is only available to customers deployed on AWS VPCs with EC2 servers configured to allow this kind of authentication. For more information on this approach, please see Using Instance Profile (IAM Role) to Grant Access to AWS Resources on Amazon EC2.
      Note: This connector will automatically retrieve credentials from the EC2 server instance.

DynamoDB Table Settings

  • Sample Items: Specifies the number of records (the equivalent of "rows" in a traditional relational database) to use when determining the schema of the table for import.
    More info: DynamoDB is not a relational database, but Paxata transforms all data into a tabular format upon import. In order to do this, Paxata looks at the first n documents of a DynamoDB table (DynamoDB is a document database) and determines what attributes are present so that it can treat those attributes as columns. The "Sample Items" value determines the number of documents to look at.

Data Import Information

Via Browsing

DynamoDB tables in the specified AWS region are available for import.

Via SQL Query

Not Supported.

FAQ/Troubleshooting/Common Issues

Certain permissions are required in order to import data from DynamoDB. They are:

  • dynamodb:ListTables
  • dynamodb:Scan