(warning) The Data Prep (Paxata) documentation is now available on the DataRobot public documentation site. See the Data Prep section for user documentation and connector information. After the 2021.2 SP1 release, the content on this site will be removed and replaced with a link to the DataRobot public documentation site.

Automation and Operationalization

Paxata makes it easy to automate and operationalize your Projects and datasets.

  • Automation is a legacy feature that provided you the option to automate individual Projects and datasets.

  • Automatic Project Flows, introduced in the 2019.1 release, allows you to intelligently operationalize curated data flows. The APF feature computes the entire sequence of data prep Steps across Paxata Projects, datasets and AnswerSets to produce an end-to-end, automated output Flow for your data. 

For customers who are currently using the 2018.2 Automation feature and are ready to upgrade their automated jobs to APF, contact customersuccess@paxata.com for assistance.