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Version History

Every time an action is taken in your Project—for example adding a step, removing a step, re-arranging steps—a new version of your Project is created. All versions are listed in the Versions panel. Click any version in the panel to view your Project at that point in its history.

The latest version of your Project is listed at the top of the panel. A blue dot appears adjacent to any version that has been published as an AnswerSet to the Data Library:

Any time you are viewing a previous version of your Project, an orange pin icon is displayed at the top of the Versions panel to remind you that you’re not viewing the most recent version. If you click the pin icon, you are immediately returned to the most recent version of your Project.

You may find it helpful to annotate a Project version to reflect the steps you took to render that particular version, for example: “Append Customer ID data.” To annotate a version, select the “Click to annotate” text for the version and provide an annotation:

You can also promote any earlier version of your Project to be the latest version. To promote an earlier version:

  1. Click the orange pin adjacent to the version’s name.
  3. The version is promoted to the most recent in your panel.

By default, all versions of your Project are shown in the panel. However, you can limit the types of versions that are displayed. From the drop-down menu in the top of the panel, choose to view only “Annotated” versions that have not been published or view only your “Published” versions.