(warning) The Data Prep (Paxata) documentation is now available on the DataRobot public documentation site. See the Data Prep section for user documentation and connector information. After the 2021.2 SP1 release, the content on this site will be removed and replaced with a link to the DataRobot public documentation site.

Application Home Page Layout

The Project page is the home page where you land after logging into Paxata. Note that if you want to open your Library page where all of your datasets are saved, click the menu in the top left and select "Library". See the Data Library Layout help shelf article for complete details on the Library page.

The following options are available from the home page:

1. + Add Project to create a new Project
When you create a new Project, you provide a unique name and, optionally a description for it.

2. Recently Active Projects are listed at the top of the page
Click a Project's name to open it. To edit a Project's name and description, click the gear icon for that Project. To delete the Project, click its (X) button.

3. All Projects inventory
All Projects are listed here. Note they are ordered, by default, based on the most recently updated Projects. You can change the order of the list to display in alpha order based on Project Names or based on Created date by clicking the column headers for "Updated" or "Created".

4. Search 
Click on the magnifying glass icon to search for Projects by name.

5. Notification icon
This icon indicates when the application has generated a message or error. When the icon is highlighted, mouse over it to view the message(s).

6. Help 

  • Show/Hide opens and closes the application's in-line help menu.
  • What's New opens a summarized list of all new features in the current application release.
  • Getting Started opens the new user guide.
  • Help Shelf opens the home page for all help documentation.
  • Feedback opens email to contact Paxata's Customer Success team.

7. User menu

  • My account: displays your account information and provides the option to change your password.
  • Tokens: where you generate tokens that are used to manage application access and authorization. Your Paxata System Administrator will let you know when you need to generate tokens.
  • About: displays details of the current application version numbers.
  • Logout: logs you out of the application.