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Update a Dataset with New Data


Use this article to update an existing dataset with a new version.


Data is always changing. Even if you just imported data into Paxata®, there’s a chance the data is outdated. Updating the data in a dataset allows you to import a dataset as a new version of an existing dataset. After you update a dataset, you can easily use the new version in an existing Project. See the Update the Project Datasets article for more information.

When updating a dataset, you can chose to update to a dataset where:

  • Only the values have changed - the structure and format are the same.
  • The format or structure changed - e.g. column added or removed.
  • A completely different dataset - new values, new structure and format.

Update a dataset with new data

Follow these steps to update a dataset with new data.


On the Library screen, hover the cursor over the dataset you want to update.

Result: The dataset actions appear.


Click the "More Actions" button.

Result: The Add Version option appears. Click to select.


Locate and select the dataset to import.

To select a dataset from a ...Then ...
Data source
  1. Select the data source from the Select Data Source drop-down.
  2. Locate the dataset you want to import.
  3. To select the dataset, click Select.

Note: If a SQL statement was used during the initial import, the SQL statement is retained and can be used again to update the data in the dataset.

Local file
  1. Click Upload Local File.
  2. Click the Upload File panel and select the datasets.

Result: The dataset is added to the list in the You Selected panel. Paxata displays the Your Options panel for the dataset and a preview of the dataset.

4Check the preview of the dataset. To adjust the import settings. See the Adjust the import settings section of the Import Datasets article.

Click Finish.

Result: Your data is imported as a new version and is ready to be prepped in a Project.


The following definitions for terms used in this document.

AnswerSetLike a dataset except that it is the published result of your data prep
Base datasetThe data on which all other action in the Project will be performed
Data sourceThe source of your dataset
DatasetData that is imported into the Data Library is called a dataset
FiltergramThe combination of the functionality of filters with the power of histograms