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The Steps Reuse feature allows you to easily copy Steps from a Paxata Project and then use those Steps elsewhere in the same Project or copy them into another Paxata Project. When you copy the Steps, you can copy them to your computer's clipboard for a one-click paste. Optionally, you can copy the Steps to a file, which you can save for later use or for sharing with others Paxata users.

How to copy Steps from a Project



From Steps panel, click the Copy Steps button.

Result: The options for Select Steps, Paste and Load display.


Click on the Step in your Project after which you want to paste the Step. Then select the method for pasting:

Result: the Steps are pasted into the location you've selected. If you are bringing the Steps in from a file, you are prompted for the file's location. After selecting the file, the Steps are pasted into the location you've selected.