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Use this article to edit the column names, order, and availability in a Project.



From Tools, click Columns.

Result: The Columns in Current Dataset panel appears.


In the Column Name section, click the name of the column you want to rename.


Type the new name for the column.

Result: The Old Column Name section appears and displays the column's original name. The Data Preview displays the updated column name.

  • Note: If you change your mind about the new name,
  • Click Reset to reset the column name to the original name. Click Reset All to reset the names of all the columns you renamed.

Click Save.

Result: Your change is saved as a Step in your Project. The column is updated in the Data Preview.

Bulk Renaming

The bulk renaming feature allows you to rename all columns using a single, comma-separated string. Notice the field below the Columns List panel. Simply begin typing the new column names in this field and separate each name with a comma. Notice that column names displayed in the Columns List panel update accordingly. You can also paste in new column names from header files, separated by commas, to quickly rename all of the columns in your dataset.


Reorder a column

Follow these steps to change the location of a column.


AnswerSetLike a dataset except that it is the published result of your data prep
Base datasetThe data on which all other action in the Project will be performed
Data sourceThe source of your dataset
DatasetData that is imported into the Data Library is called a dataset
FiltergramThe combination of the functionality of filters with the power of histograms